Tips For Teaching

These tips are for teaching in the broader sense, whether you’re training concepts or teaching knitting.

1. Praise as much as you criticize, or more.

2. You started somewhere. Masters started somewhere. The path to perfection is a long one, remember that you weren’t born with this knowledge.

3. Admit when you don’t know something.

4. Try to learn who can give you the knowledge when your student asks you a question you have no answer to.

5. Never stop learning yourself.

6. Remember that everyone walks their road to learning at a different pace.

7. If an idea doesn’t seem be to sticking, ask your student what is confusing them or where they feel the problem is.

8. Remember that with difficult sessions, it’s probably as frustrating, or more frustrating, for the student than it is for you.

9. Very few things in life are ‘obvious’.

10. Remember to enjoy the process.

11. ‘If you can’t paraphrase a complex term in simplified language, you may not have a solid grasp on the concept yourself.’ [I teach semiotics with trees, all the time.]

12. Have fun with the teaching process.

13. Your students will teach you as much as you teach them, if you let them.


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