Sunday Legends-The Wolf Woman of Mobile


There’s a definite weird side to Pinterest. You look hard enough, and you’re going to find all sorts of strange things.

I love that about Pinterest, but I think my Pinterest followers probably think I’m insane. I have pictures hearses going onto my death studies board, how to dry herbs in your oven going onto my canning board, and a story about a demon possessed Elf on the Shelf on my hauntings board as inspiration for this column.

Keep in mind two things: someone else in the world took the time to write about demon possessed Christmas decorations, and that I don’t believe in said possessions.

Anyway, I love that Pinterest has become this fertile hunting grounds for all sorts of urban legends that I would have never heard of without the site.

Take for instance, the Wolf Woman of Mobile, Alabama.

According to the residents of Mobile the Wolf Woman began to wander their town in April 1971. She was said to be fond of Port City and Plateau. The creature was described as a woman with the lower body of a wolf-and attractive, at that.

The sightings seem to have started on April 8th with phone calls to the local paper and police force. The police received enough calls to investigate, and the paper, The Press-Register, ran an article on the Wolf Woman complete with a drawing of the animal. However the sightings were not reported after a period of about 10 days which led some people to believe that it was an April Fool’s hoax that got out of hand.

Was there something wandering through Mobile at night? It doesn’t seem that there was any physical encounters, or even paw prints. We’ll probably never know what Mobile residents were actually seeing in the dark.

5 mythical creatures that reportedly roam Alabama’s back roads

The Wolf Woman of Mobile Alabama


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