Horror Etc

I do like this podcast, I enjoy it, but I don’t think I’m able to say that I love it.

The pros: The hosts know what they’re talking about. There’s a lot of information in these pod casts, and they obviously enjoy what they’re doing. They’ve seen a lot of films and are familiar with the backgrounds of the movies. I also can throw my weight behind Canadian Hammer fans. We have to stick together.

I do appreciate the ‘real world’ facts that are presented-the historical information given for some of the topics is interesting. There are a few conversations regarding the history of sites or why certain movies feel the way that they do in light of the time that they were released.

I also like that they’re honest. They don’t love every movie that they’ve seen, and they’re not afraid of telling us why they don’t like them. I appreciate reviewers that can be honest with what they don’t like in material.

The cons: There’s a lot of lead up to each topic. I like having some real life introduction, but it does get to the point where I wish they would get to the horror-I am listening to a horror pod cast. Each episode is also quite long. I think each episode could have half an hour or so cut off of the length and still be a solid episode.

It may be that I listened to later episodes but there’s also a lot of reference to earlier episode. There are several instances where movies are mentioned, but we’re told to search for earlier episodes for full discussion. I don’t mind that in small amounts but it can get to the point where I want new material, not to be told to search for earlier material.

In the end, I do enjoy this pod cast but it’s not my favorite. If you like longer horror episodes with a lot of information it’s an enjoyable listen. But the episodes are on the longer side and there’s a lot of lead up before each episode hit its theme.

Episodes listened to: 335 and 336

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