Hometown Tales

Oh, I could talk folklore and urban legends all day.

What’s better than talking about it myself is listening to other people talking about it. I put on Hometown Tales while I was canning (apple jam, if you have any interest at all). I did really enjoy this one. I’ve found that I like podcasts that skew towards content over life material, and this podcast tends to skew towards the legends. I like hearing about presenters’ lives, but I am listening to the show for a specific type of content.

Before I get too off topic, Hometown Tales tends to present smaller, localized legends though there are single topic episodes (there’s a show on the Bogey Man). I like hearing about local stories since they’re not the same rundown of creepy pastas and familiar legends. There’s a little bit of sociological examination but this isn’t an academic style series. I’m happy with that, but if you’re looking for more meaning this may not be the show for you.

Each episode runs about half an hour to an hour long. An hour is about my perfect length for a podcast. There doesn’t seem to new episodes after 2013, though I could be wrong, but there is a large back catalouge available.


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