Via Morgue File

Via Morgue File

You learn something new every day.

I know that nettles, especially dead nettles, are exceptionally good for you as a food plant. Apparently dandelions are as well, and from what I can tell (and note, I’m not a herbalist so I can’t claim this with true certainty) there’s not much that a dandelion can do to hurt you when you eat it. I have dandelion root tea brewing right now as part of my blood pressure reduction project. I’ve always leaned more towards seeing what Traditional Medicinals can offer me than popping a pill if I can avoid it (so many parentheses in this paragraph-I do medicate when necessary).

I was standing there brewing my tea in my fancy new handled canning jar I picked up just for drinking purposes (seriously with the parentheses, but drinking out of canning jars will weaken them over time, I guess) and was thinking about this column. I normally pre-write an entry or two sometime during the week but we’re in rush season at work and I just didn’t have a chance.

People are strange in that eventually they’re make up a superstition or piece of folklore about most everything, and dandelions don’t seem to be much different:

-Dandelions seem to mark happiness and positive news in most cases, especially when appearing in dreams

-Carrying dandelions in weddings is supposed to draw luck

-The tallest dandelion a child is able to find is supposed to mark how much growth he or she will see in a year

-If a lover blows on a dandelion and seeds remain, then their beloved is untrue

-Dandelion tea is supposed to increase psychic ability. I’ll get back to you in a few weeks on that one

-If a dandelion is closed, it’s going to rain

-The number of breaths it takes to blow a dandelion clean is the current time

Also, you can blame the Europeans for dandelions in America. They were planted deliberately as a medicinal crop.

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  1. The main hazard from eating dandelions, as far as I can tell, is chomping down hard on grit. They can be a little tricky to clean. Other than that, a steak sandwich with dandelions is guaranteed to brighten my mood from the heavy doses of B-complex. I suppose there are other dangers, like getting lots of unexpected bitterness all at once or possibly allergies. One of these days, I’ll give the roasted roots a try with coffee.

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