How to Make Cinnamon Extract

how to cinnamon extractWe went on our first wandering of 2014.

Sometimes we just get in the car and go. Sometimes it’s a fairly short trip and sometimes we’re gone for hours. We were gone for hours this time, and we ended up near the Canadian border. We really do need to get our passports-but the bridge lines here can extend up to 2 hours so I’m not sure how much use we’ll get out of them.

If we’re wandering, then the weather has broken, at least for now. And now that the weather’s broken, it means that it’s going to be preservation season. I did a ton of work in March-especially since I did nothing for the first two months of the year. I think I went through three flats of jars. It’s a good thing that Mid tolerates my desire for purchasing jars.

Not all of my preservation was canned goods. I went a little extract happy. I sent him to the store for vodka, telling him to get the largest jar he could for the cheapest amount of money.

Cinnamon extract, like most extracts, requires very little work. Price Rite sells packages of cinnamon sticks for $.69. I think there was four sticks in the package. I placed the entire package in a half pint jar with enough vodka to cover. I let the sticks soak for two or three weeks.

The photo is the freshly packed jars. When your extract is pretty dark brown and smells strongly of cinnamon, it’s done.

Strain into a bowl and let sit until your sticks stop dripping. Discard and rebottle your extract.


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    1. I made this one for coffee creamer, and I have a friend who uses cinnamon extract a lot in frostings and baking. I want to try it in jams where I don’t want to fish out cinnamon sticks.

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