The Goatman

Everyone loves a good satyr.

And it sounds like the satyrs have migrated to Maryland.

The Goatman of Beltsville is a legend regarding a very large (300 pounds, roughly, and 7 feet tall) monster with the lower body of a goat and the upper body of a man. The Goatman stands on two legs and wields a very large ax. When you come too close, or anger the Goatman he uses the ax to attack you or your car.

According to legend, the Goatman was created when a scientist as mutated through an accident at the Beltsville Agriculture Research Center. However, folklorists from the area have suggested that the legend is modern and driven by youth culture in the area. There actually seems to be no connection to historical humanoid monster legends. While he seems to be an Internet darling right up there with his friend the Bunnyman who is also from the same area of the country, the University of Maryland has files on the myth dating back to 1971, which suggests that the story most likely is even earlier than that to already have entered the public discourse to be cataloged by a researcher.

Goatman (Maryland)

The Keeper of Local Haunted Lore

Famed Goatman Forever Held in Dusty Room


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