April Housekeeping and Meta

M Redshaw for Horrific Knits

Thank you readers! It looks like March was the best month ever on Horrific Knits for hits. It wouldn’t happen without the readers!

-Are you a crafter? Do you stockpile materials? We all do it. Craft your way through your stash this spring on Spring Through Your Stash. All crafts welcome.

-HK does have a Bloglovin link on the side bar. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.

-The current blog hop is Inspired Weekends, open on Thursday evenings. I generally have the party up between 7 and 9 on Thursday evenings and no later than 10 on Friday mornings. It is a free for all style hop, so you can post anything you would like. All entries are pinned to a dedicated Pinterest board, not just the features.

-My much less active and much more personal (and with a lot more profanity, fair warning) is Spinning Widdershins.

-Would you like your blog added to my blog roll? Have a blog you think I would like? Leave a link in the comments.

-I’m working on a Pinterest board for the Sunday Legends column. Sunday Legends

-If you would like to submit material to be featured on this blog, please feel free! I post on fiber crafting/food/some frugal material/urban homesteading and horror. I can be reached at horrificknits at gmail dot com.

-Current posting schedule: I try for no more than 2 posts a day. Horror or folklore content is posted on Sundays and on odd number days. I sometimes have theme months but not always (March is end of the world folklore and spice heavy recipes).


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