The Fermentation Project


I honestly don’t remember if I wrote about my ferments last summer. I know that I meant to, but last summer was a weird, weird time and I don’t know if I actually got around to it.

I’ve had over a gallon of pickles fermenting in my fridge. For reasons that only the gods know, I wasn’t able to get a good head of steam going on my ferments when left out on the counter so I threw them into the fridge. I have giant chunk deli style dill, one with berbere, and some random small slices.

I was laying in bed the other night and realized, oh god, I forgot about the pickles. I did some digging on google. Internet land says that ferments don’t go bad the way that other products do-they shouldn’t be ‘bad’ they may just not be good.

The last time I checked them they still fizzed like there was too much CO2 in the brine. This time they actually taste like pickles. They’re getting on the soft side, I will definitely try to eat them down soon. But they’re actually fairly decent pickles. They’ve been sitting there since July, and I think being in the fridge is what elongated the process so much.

So now I have faith in the fermented hot sauce I want to make this week. I’ll probably pull some of the brine to get the ferment going on the sauce and keep eating down these pickles. We’ll see what I end up fermenting once it gets warmer.

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