DIY Citrus Cleaner

citrus cleaner

Just another fast entry. I hurt my lower back at some point in the last three weeks, which has thrown off my right leg. I’m much better, but still not awesome. And I get to rock an awesome compression sock.


I mean, I know that it could be a lot worse-my GP is pretty certain it’s nothing circulatory or cardiac. I had a D-dimer run and it came back negative for clotting, which is the big concern. But. Yeah.

Anyway, it’s put a damper on my enthusiasm for a lot of things. But projects like this are awesome and low impact.

If you’ve been cooking with a lot of citrus (like, say, being obsessed with soda syrup like me) you’re going to have piles of peels.

In order to utilize them for your home, you can make perpetual citrus cleaner.

1. Take a large clean glass jar.

2. Place peels into the jar.

3. Cover with vinegar-I used ACV because it’s what I normally have in the house. Just regular old cheap off the shelf stuff.

4. Let sit for at least two weeks.

5. Strain through a kitchen cloth or coffee filter and return to the jar.

6. As you use more citrus, throw the peels into the jar with the cleaner and start again, letting the peels on the bottom sit for at least two weeks. Continue to add vinegar to cover peels.

I pour mine into an old spray bottle for use.


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