I honestly don’t even care if this one is real.

I do sometimes wonder about the validity of the stories that I write for this blog, but there are some that I don’t care about the truthfulness about them, I just think they’re cool. There are some that I know are faked, I’ve written about hoaxes before, and I don’t think that being a faked story makes anything less creepy (I’m still creeped out by the Fresno Nightcrawlers). Folklore and urban legends are not somehow more important when they’re based in fact.

Anyway, I just want to blog about sheepsquatch because I think that sheepsquatch is cool.

Sheepsquatch, also called white thing, is a white, furry animal roughly the size of a bear. The animal is described as having long teeth, two horns, a tail like a possum, and hands like a racoon. There have been suggestions that the obvious answer is that Sheepsquatch is some sort of mutated bear. It also stinks like sulfur.

Sheepsquatch is a very regional legend. He seems to prefer the very rural areas on the border of West Virginia and Virginia. The legend seems to have been most active in the 1990s, with multiple people claiming to have almost direct interactions with the animal. There are stories of children finding it in their back yards. While there are claims of encounters before and after the 90s, that decade appears to have been the most intense period of sightings.

Oddly there are some fairly varying descriptions of this creature which puts it closer to the Goatman. In some accounts, he’s 9 feet tall and is a half man, half sheep monster something closer to a satyr than a bear.



Have YOU Ever Seen Breckenridge County’s Sheepsquatch?


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  1. Sheepsquatch is cool! Legends are legends; whether they’re “real” is ultimately subjective. If somebody is talking about them, ever, it’s good enough in my eyes.

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