Monster of the week shows can get old, fast, and it sometimes seems that every thing that can be done has. And every show is going to have the time loop episode, and there’s going to be some sort of moral overtone to the nature of the monster. In the case of Supernatural, the Winchester brothers have a nasty habit of coming down against anything they deem ‘pagan’-don’t get me started about both the nastiness and stupidity of a continual desire to kill pagan gods. And yet I still watch anyway. And Grimm tries to humanize the monsters; that’s not necessarily a bad stance to take, but a stance nonetheless.

One of the aspects that I like about both of the aforementioned shows, even with their own weaknesses, is that they like to go off of the path at least a little and pull from world mythology. I like shows that can show us new monsters and myths even while using the same formula and the same heroes.

This is where I fall in love with shows like Strange. Following the misadventures of the titular John Strange and his companion by fate Jude, Strange is the tale of Strange’s attempts to track down and stop various demons. However, Strange is fairly bumbling, Jude has some life problems that she has to work through due to plot elements, and the Church of England very much so does not want Strange to be in the middle of this at all.

A BBC production, Strange likes to work within the bounds of world mythology with monsters ranging from Jinn (the show’s spelling) and Celtic fae. Yes, fae, that’s me dancing in the corner because anyone who’s followed my reviews has had to deal with me wondering for years why we’re not seeing more traditional fae and less pretty pretty princess butterfly wings. Bring on the sidhe.

Produced in 2003 there is only one seven episode arch so my dancing is short-lived. However, I’ll take seven episodes of Strange over seven seasons of the Winchester brothers, if I honestly had to choose.


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