Phobia (2013)

That grey area where a movie may or may not be horror depending on how you look at it.

Phobia is isn’t quite a horror film, and it’s not quite suspense. It’s not quite supernatural but not quite not either. I did quite enjoy this film but it’s appeal is a little baffling. There’s something slightly off-kilter with this movie.

I think that it’s the characters that make this movie for me. Set in 1885, the characters range from a man that thinks he’s a vampire, a woman who presents herself as man to enter the budding field of psychotherapy, Sigmund Freud, and a woman who killed her husband and may or may not masquerade as an agoraphobic. Every one is kind of goofy, but goofy in a way that makes one care about what happens to them.

The plot is a little goofy as well. Doctor Parker wants to see how hypnosis would aid in the treatment of phobias, and along the way finds herself entangled in a mystery involving at least three potential murders, an undercover police man, and Spiritualism.

There’s something about this movie that keeps me from saying that it’s a great film, or if I’m honest, even a good film, but I did enjoy this one on a Saturday night.


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