Herbed Tomatoes for Sauce Bases, Two Ways

Herbed Tomatoes

I’ve been doing a lot of my canning at night, which is a nice cool down for the day. This is supposed to be Second Monday giveaway day, but I canned tomatoes instead. Shrug. It’ll probably be Second Friday Giveaway this month.

It’s just terrible for photography. So…have this lovely tomato from Morgue File. That’s not snark; I actually really like that tomato.

I decided somewhere along the way that I wanted tomatoes canned for two purposes: a salsa base, and a sauce base.

Mid doesn’t eat my homemade tomato sauce but I do like it tossed with long thin noodles. I take canned chopped tomatoes and cook them down with garlic, herbs, onions, peppers, and whatever other applicable vegetables I have in the house.

And sometimes I want salsa that’s both fast and fresh-so I mix canned tomatoes with whatever fruit I have laying around, some corn, and assorted peppers and onions.

The fact I have an herb container garden now helps.

Both of these styles are effectively the same, the sauce base is just blitzed slightly in the blender to smooth out the tomatoes a little. The Ball version of this recipe has you pureeing the tomatoes, so take it as smoothly as you would like.

*Peeling the tomatoes is traditional, but frankly, I hate doing it, especially when they’re going into the blender anyway.

For the salsa base-

.5 lb tomatoes per 1/2 pint jar

1 jalapeno

4-5 fresh mint leaves diced

Citric acid

Dice your tomatoes (peel them if you normally do, I’ll probably run these through the blender after so I didn’t bother), dice your pepper. Add to a pot with the mint and bring to a slow boil for at least 10 minutes. Add 1/4 tea citric acid to each jar. Process for 30-35 minutes for a pint jar.

For sauce base-

Same as above, swapping the pepper for 1 clove garlic and globe basil for the mint. I also added a pinch of dried oregano. Cook down for longer so the tomatoes cook down more. Add 1/4 tea citric acid to each jar. Process for 30-35 minutes for a pint jar.

Cooking times and recipes modified from Ball recipes, Food in Jars, and the Hip Girls’ Guide to Homemaking.

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  1. I love making homemade salsa and sauce. I haven’t tried canning tomatoes before, still waiting for our little container garden to produce some tomatoes. We’ve got plenty of lettuce! Thanks for sharing with Small Victories sunday linky! Pinned to our linky board.

  2. Hi Katie,
    I love cooking with tomatoes so I am delighted that you shared these lovely recipes for herbed tomatoes with us at the Healthy, Happy, Green and Natural Party Blog Hop! We appreciate it!

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