DIY Glass Bottle Water Globes

I’m all for making something I need out of something that I have.

Read: I’m all for not going to the store and/or not spending money when I have something that’s just sitting around getting dusty and I can make that thing work.

I did a little Googling this weekend for ideas on homemade water globes for container plants. I love my water globes- if anything, the only issue I have with them is that they tend to work a little too well. My lime mint is looking a little damp because I would just fill the globe. And fill the globe. And fill the globe.

Tip: the learning curve to any auto-watering system with a container garden is to let the plants dry out a bit before you refill them. That goes for the bottles or the formal, store bought globes.

The other complaint that has come up is that there’s a beer bottle shoved into my plants. Mid thinks it looks a little odd.

beer bottle water globes for plants

I saw this idea discussed in a couple of places, so I’m not sure I can tell you the original source. If you find it, let me know and I’ll link back. But the basic idea is this-a water globe is just something on a stick or neck that holds water. A glass bottle-wine bottle, tea bottle, beer bottle, whatever, is the same basic idea. Fill the bottle with water and wedge into your plants. As the dirt dries out, it feeds water out of the bottle and waters the plant.

But does it work? Yes and no. I’ve noticed that it can be a little finicky, even with digging a hole for it first. The bottle works almost too well in one part of my long box, and not as well as in another of my box. But that’s actually true with normal globes so that may just be the box itself.

Other than that, the upside to the bottles is that a. they’re free and b. they’re bigger than normal balls so if your plants are large or they’re in a lot of direct sun, you may not have to refill as frequently.

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  1. Good idea, I’m pinning this. I’ve found that my “real” watering globe is finicky also. Sometimes dirt gets stuck inside and it doesn’t water the plants. Go figure. Thanks for sharing at #smallvictoriessunday !

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