Second Week Giveaway-Sudsy Firecrackers

previewI know that when I started the Second Monday giveaways I said that they may be spotty, especially at first.

I didn’t mean for them to be this spotty.

But! Here I have stuff to give away!

May’s Second Week giveaway is a two item giveaway:

1. 84 skein of fingering weight handspun wool, called Firecracker

Three ply, reds and yellows, this wool -should- be superwash, but treat it as a normal wool for safety. This is a one of a kind item that can’t be reproduced. Handspun with my castle style travel wheel and may be more erratic than you’re used to if you have only used machine produced yarn. Yarn will be set but will not be washed with a soap (unless winner requests).

2. Cafe Con Leche Goat’s Milk Soap

This is a local soap company, Alpine Made, that vends in the area. I’ve used their soap before and I really like it. Cafe con Leche has bits of coffee beans in it and is supposed to be good for gardening.

Right now, Iโ€™m shipping only to American readers. Iโ€™ve had packages disappear through customs before and I donโ€™t want to have mail go missing. Maybe that will change with later giveaways.

Please leave a comment with your early summer plans (or anything really). A random comment will be selected via on Sunday, May 25.


  1. I started my own vegetable garden for the first time, with cucumbers, beans, squash, zucchini, red peppers, green peppers and strawberries. I am learning yarn dyeing. Also, lots of beach time with the kids!

  2. I’ll be flying to Connecticut to help my brother move and then taking a road trip ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Early summer plans include, but are not limited to…staining trim for the ongoing house remodel, landscaping, going camping for my (30th *gasp!*) birthday, and more crocheting! Lol

  4. That’s beautiful!
    My plans are to play outside as much as possible with my girls before it gets too unbearably hot!

  5. I’m planning on spinning more yarn, and on learning how to ply. Hopefully go to the beach soon.

  6. I’ll be traveling to Belize to study ecotourism and then moving into my first big girl apartment, all by myself!

  7. Oo, umm. Hubby and I tend to wander a lot around our hometown over summer, because everything is open. We like learning cultural and historical aspects of here, despite us both living here our whole lives.
    We also like to find new and interesting parks in the area to explore ๐Ÿ™‚
    When he’s working I keep busy crocheting and geek ing out in Warcraft :p

  8. I’ll be travelling from my small island in Alaska to a different small island in Alaska to start Grad School!

  9. Beautiful yarn! I graduate college on the 25th and my early summer plans will mostly be working. Hopefully I’ll have a lot of free time to weave and knit!

  10. Our summer plans are to move. Our house goes on the market at the end of this week. I retired last month, so I have some time to actually knit. Not as much as I’d like, given the whole moving thing, but eventually…

  11. I will be having my first child and trying to start my homestead. Garden already in ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I’ll be knitting! No seriously, I just got out of classes for the semester and didn’t have a chance to knit at all. For four months. FOUR. MONTHS.

  13. Beautiful yarn! For the summer, I just plan to crochet and paint between retail shifts before the summer semester starts again.

  14. I’ll be teaching myself (hopefully) how to spin long draw with the alpaca fleece I’m currently teaching myself how to card. While I prep the course I’m teaching during summer semester. Whew! So much teaching going on!

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