Baba Yaga, Part 3

Of  course, just then, Baba Yaga came home. She was so very, terribly excited because she knew that soon she would be feasting on children.

In a splendid mood, she sent the children to a cold bed without a supper after she had feasted and crawled into a warm bed next to the fire. The children shivered throughout the dark night, but held onto the hope that the cat had given them.

The next day the children were given two tasks: collect firewood and weave linen. However, the children had other ideas and decided to escape. They took up the items the cat gave them, the towel and the comb, and ran into the woods around the hut. Many things tried to stop them and many times the children outsmarted them.

When Baba Yaga returned to her hut after her duties, she was incensed to find that the children had left.

“Cat!” She cried “What is this?!”

“Well,” the cat said, “you never fed me and they did.”

“Dog!” She cried. “What is this?!”

“Well,” the dog said, “you mistreated me.”

And so on until Baba Yaga had asked everything that aided the girl and boy-and heard their answers.

Baba yelled and yelled and finally flew-flew into her mortar, and grabbed her pestle, and flew into the air, after the children.

Hearing the witch coming, the girl cried

“Oh no!” and threw down the towel-and there sprang a river. But the witch flew over a narrow patch.

Hearing the witch coming, the boy cried

“Oh no!” and threw down the comb-and there sprang a heavy wood. But this time it was no use, and Baba Yaga had to turn back, cursing the children the whole way.

And thusly the children returned home to their father, who was overjoyed to see them and promptly sent their unloving stepmother away.
Part 1

Part 2

Based on Russian folktales, including this one collected in 1903




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