E. Stuart Marlowe

207 pages

Accessed as a Kindle book

$3.99 at time of review

What happens when our ideals become obsessions?

And what does that have to do with the things that go bump in the night?

Gomer is a man with a life long mission, unfortunately Juniper has her own mission. The two cannot co-exist in the same space, which means of course that the two collide with almost tragic results. Of course there’s monsters, because everything is better with monsters.

My issue with writing this review is not that I didn’t like the novel, because I actually found it hard to put down. I read the entire novel in the space of about 12 hours and enjoyed it greatly. It just falls so far outside of my normal horror genre picks that I’m not sure that I have the language to give it justice. I only have one major concern with the end of the book, and that was more of an issue with my personality and the idea of justice. But there are a lot of world monsters in this novel, and lots of people with actual personality flaws. Nothing will turn me off of a book faster than making the characters too perfect.

This isn’t a terribly effective review which means I’ll probably come back and rework it at some point, but I did find this book to be a solid and enjoyable, if fast, read.


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