Spring Through Your Stash Wrap Up 2014


How did you do this spring? Did you manage to get any of your stash worked down?

This year was both a huge success and a miserable failure at the same time.

I didn’t get any knitting done. I made two hats and started a 10 stitch blanket that’s languishing somewhere in the bowels of my apartment. One of the hats still needs to be seamed. I should do that before festival in a couple of weeks.

…But then I got Freya out, and that’s where the fun really began.

I started out with several pounds of wool, including a partial raw Babydoll fleece. I was on a fiber no buy for the duration of the event (the whole stash busting aspect). The Central New York Fiber Festival completely destroyed my no buy-but that was the only fiber I purchased. I have since bought some natural wool for a class I’m teaching at festival.

The partial project run down-

Frigga-grey Icelandic wool. At least 450 yards, cable plied

Storm King-Lincoln locks, chain plied

Candy-solar dyed Cotswold roving

Dubh, batch one-dyed Heinz 57 wool

Dubh, batch two-Cotswold that needs to be plied and dyed

Boo-green dyed Babydoll and natural brown Babydoll

Max-long term natural colored mixed fiber project, including spindling

Alexandria-solar dyed Heinz 57 wool roving, chain plied

I think I put out close to 2000 finished yardage. I’m not sure though, I don’t have a final tally since several of these projects are still on bobbins.

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