Maximum Overdrive (1986)

The 80s really loved Steven King. So many King adaptations…

I don’t think that we’ve ever lost our fear of technology.

I think that as technology got more advanced, the language we used to express that became more sophisticated to meet the changes. We started talking about humanity and souls in relation to computers, but there’s just something damnably terrifying about a truck running haywire. There’s something about the little machines loosing it that we’re scared silly about, and a movie like Maximum Overdrive taps into that fear.

We are in fact afraid of our cars, and our fridges, and our televisions. We’ve centered our lives around these small machines and while we’re afraid of obvious dangers like hacking attacks and denial of service and the Bomb, the fact of the matter is we have this very shaky balance with our phones and computers. We know that we’ve based our lives around them willingly, but what would happen if they suddenly had the capacity to say no?

Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re afraid that someday they’re just going to get sick of it and bludgeon us to death with vending machine food.

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