Stormy Weather

True confession time: I hated this yarn when I was first working on it.

The first bobbin really bothered me, so much in fact that I took it off of Freya and went on to something else for awhile.

Then I realized that it reminded me of a storm, including the fields and ground underneath the clouds. And instantly fell in love with it.

The fiber was sold as dyed locks in a giant bin. You could either sort through and pick out certain colors or grab handfuls. I went the handfuls route and this is the end result.

I’m going to spin some black to go with it and make a scarf.

Also, look at that first photo. A nice, happy balanced yarn. They’re starting to come off of my wheel balanced, and I’m really pleased about that.

storm king balanced storm king 2 storm king 1 storm king


Storm King

wool: dyed Lincoln locks from Liberty Ridge

ply: n-ply

wpi: 11-10

yardage: 220 (+/- 10 yards, I don’t have my specs in front of me)

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