Garden Pie


Like I said yesterday, this is the week for terrible light.

This is in fact such a bad week for light, I’m feeling my SAD triggering. Oy. Where’s my magnesium?

…How bad are we talking? Let me make you feel a whole world of a lot better about your photo skills.

baked garden pieThat’s after trying an auto adjust and a retro filter. Ouch.

This is such a flexible recipe. Leave out the meat, add more meat, use your favorite sauce, use your favorite soft cheese, use whatever vegetables you have…use a crust out of a box if you want. I do. My crusts are terrible.

Garden Pie

1 pie crust, recipe of choice

assorted garden vegetables, chopped

leftover protein, like braised chicken

soft cheese (I used farmer’s cheese)

sauce of choice (I used bbq)

seasoning mix of choice (I used the salt free one from Trader Joe’s because it was sitting on my stove)

Preheat oven to 350

In a pie plate place your pie crust.

Starting with your protein, layer meat, vegetables, and cheese. Top with seasonings and sauce.

Bake for 30 minutes.

Let sit a few minutes prior to serving.

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