Sunday Legends-The Smith Sisters


*Content warning

The story of John Smith and the Smith Sisters seems to go like this:

John Smith was into horror games, creepy pastas, jump scares, and the like. He would spend hours online trying to find ways of scaring himself and strangers.

In late fall of 2007 (November, actually), he got an email from someone using the handle the Smith Sisters. The email claimed that the two girls were his older sisters. John was an only child, so he thought that this was just another game-or someone trying to get back at him. He sent back a response saying that he had no sisters and closed out.

The next day he received another email from the Smith sisters. There was no text, simply a series of attachments.

The first was of two girls.

The second was an article claiming that the Smith sisters were missing.

The third was an article claiming that the Smith sisters were found dead.

The article claimed that that the two teenaged girls had been murdered in November of 1993.

John closed out of the email, but had another waiting in his inbox. The next email said that he was their brother-the brother that their parents had to replace them.

The brother that had been so loved that he had never even been told that they existed.

The brother that his parents had used to forget about them.

They had screamed for their parents, but their parents had done nothing, only to find their daughters’ bodies, skinned, in their bedroom closet. The only clues to the murder was a series of odd emails found on the girls’ computer.

The email told John that if he didn’t believe them, he should look in the closet.

What the police would later find in the closet was two messages scratched into the wood. The first: Lisa and Sarah, 1993. The second was John, 2007.

When John’s parents woke up the next morning, they couldn’t find John, but his computer was on and open to his email account.

John was in his closet, like his sisters.

So did the Smith sisters come back to claim the brother that had replaced him? Or was it the same killer, close to 15 years apart? Who knows?

*This is a straight up creepy pasta, or Internet urban legend. There’s a lot of weird detailing to this one-including the home email account in 1993. Some people did, but it certainly wasn’t common. Also, who sits through not only one but three of their kids being killed? Some claim this legend started as a chain letter, which oddly claimed that the ghosts of the parents would harm you if you didn’t pass it, not the children’s.


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