The Devil Comes Knocking

ghost month 2014

I never really know where to put the Devil. I mean, I know he’s not a ghost, but I’m never really sure what tag to use for Old Scratch.

This is another one of those superstitions that I found on Listverse. I’ve found some really bizarre stuff on Listverse that I haven’t seen before-but I think I actually knew this one a long, long time ago.

The superstition goes like this: when you get a knock on your front door and no one is there, make sure that you leave your door open long enough to let whatever good spirit in that’s asking to come in.

If there is more than one knock, don’t open the door at all. There may be more than one, not entirely happy spirit that’s trying to get it.

If the knock comes at night, or comes on your back door, make sure you definitely don’t open the door. The Devil likes to come knocking.

Doorbells are now in the mix, being seen as a death omen (I’m beginning to think that if I dig hard enough, I’m going to find a superstition about ham sandwiches being death omens, seriously). If your door bell starts going off on its own, it can be a warning that death is coming to your door.

The door image doesn’t stop there. Watch to see which of your doors open on their own. The front door opening is bad news, but the back door opening is death.

However, you could break out the haint and clean your house if you’re really that worried about it.

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