Rosemary Onion Fridge Pickles


photo via Pixabay

I have a tragic story about these pickles.

There’s no photo…because Mid killed the jar.

I work second shift, and get home at midnight or later. I was laying in bed almost asleep when Mid let out a squawk, then came running to know where the mop was…then my apartment filled up with the wonderful odor of rosemary pickle brine.

Rest in peace, onion pickles.

These are a definite remake though, and they stand up to a very long sit in the fridge. In fact, let them sit as long as possible before getting to them. I put up to a month on the recipe to be save, but we live dangerously and I can tell you these were definitely way more than a month old.

*I did manage to get four cups or so of chopped onions into a quart jar. The recipe below will give you a quart’s worth of pickles.

Rosemary Onion Fridge Pickles

1 pint apple cider vinegar

1/2 pint water

1/4 cup sugar

1 1/2 table canning salt

large pinch pickling spices or dill

large pinch dried rosemary

4 cups chopped onions

Bring your brine to a boil (the first four ingredients) and let boil for at least five minutes (I aim for closer to 10).

In a clean quart jar, put the pickling spices on the bottom, then pack your onions into the jar. Add your rosemary over the onions, then add your brine (so pickling spices on the bottom, rosemary on top).

Let sit in your fridge for at least a week. Best quality if eaten in a month.

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