Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup

pumpkin spice coffee syrup

I actually can live without my coffee being sweet-unless we’re talking about pumpkin spice syrup. In a lot of bars, that’s the only way to get a pumpkin spice beverage.

And we’re nearing that time of year where love it or hate it, the pumpkin invasion will begin in earnest. I don’t understand why cinnamon is considered seasonal (or peppermint, for that matter) but I would rather make my own syrup anyway-which means I’m not limited to when a certain large chain thinks I should be able to get my latte (even if getting their latte is on my Operation Autumn list).

If you like just plain ‘spice’, then the way that I normally make it will be fine for you-I leave out the pumpkin most of the time unless I’m opening a can anyway. If you want it to be more ‘large chain’ like, then add a tablespoon or two of pumpkin puree.

I’ve been making this syrup for long enough now that I don’t remember where it came from, but it is just spiced simple syrup, essentially. This may actually be the second time this has shown up on this blog, come to think of it.

I need more coffee.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Syrup

Pumpkin spice

raw sugar


Pumpkin puree (optional)

Coffee syrup is just simple syrup, so decide how heavy you want your syrup. I normally make a light to medium weight syrup so I add about half a cup of sugar to about 1 cup of water per batch.

Add your sugar and water to a pot, along with about a tablespoon of spice. If you want, you can use whole spices in a spice bag and remove after simmering. Add your pumpkin, if using it, and bring to a simmer. Don’t let it boil, or you end up with this snotty looking thing (ask me how I know).

Pull from heat, let cool, and store in the fridge.

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