Shallow Ground (2004)

ghost month 2014

Oh my, this is a blast from the past.

I was already out of high school when this movie came out but I remember watching it at home on Scifi (not Syfy, this was pre-change over). I remember this being a weird little film that I felt like I didn’t really understand but couldn’t stop watching either.

Shallow Ground is one of those movies where you have to have a loose working definition of ‘ghost’, because while these aren’t the white sheet and rattling chains type ghosts, if these aren’t ghosts, I don’t know what are. It is an interesting question about what set this in motion though, whether this is normal horror movie curse scenario- or if these town people are dealing with the weight of their own psyches.

In the end this is a redemption film-but it’s sort of a nasty, dirty redemption that doesn’t come from hope or love or even healing. This is the type of redemption that comes around because people let their anger fester. Don’t read too much into this movie though. This isn’t some sort of meta-horror story. It’s not an weak film, but I don’t think that this is one that’s trying to show us the dark sides of our souls either.

Shallow Ground isn’t on the Grave Dancers level of rewatchability for me, but after not having seen it in a decade, I enjoyed it.



  1. I seem to remember that this is visually pretty explicit…? Without going all the way of course, but what American movie does? Shooting people with guns seems to be admired as something great, but for heaven’s sake don’t show a penis, those are much too dangerous! Not that i crave very much for penisses, but you just might!! … eh … sorry … I meant: but you know what i mean … eh … cough, cough …

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