Abandoned Mine

ghost month 2014

I suppose that I should give you some media reviews this month. But I do so love folklore…

Honestly, I kind of wish that I had spent the time writing more folklore posts.

Gravitas Ventures puts out a lot of these vaguely found footage, jump scare heavy horror films. This is a pretty typical Gravitas movie. Five teens go out to a haunted mine. Terrible things ensue! Jump scares! Go Pro cameras! Ridiculous costumes! Cows! Cows are mentioned! Fat, happy cows! Over blown, randomly inserted racial stereotypes!

,Here’s the thing. I don’t actually dislike Gravitas films, they’re nice to have on while I’m cleaning or spinning. They’re pretty predictable and the acting is rarely that good. But here’s the thing, I’ve read some really harsh reviews about films coming out of this production house. I think that if you’re expecting really top tier horror, then I suppose that it’s fair to tae them to task. But I’m not sure that’s what they’re trying to do here.

I mean, the movie is called Abandoned Mine. What exactly are you thinking you’re going to get out of a film called Abandoned Mine full of five teens with Go Pros?


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