Haunted Western New York-The Collinwood Inn (Oneida)


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I’m coming back to this column! Yay!

I’m going to start back with a property that seems to openly embrace its reputation as haunted. The Mansion in question does, or at least did, offer its own ghost tours and open its doors to investigation.

I’m always intrigued by how places react to their reputations. Some of them seem to really embrace it, and use it to their advantage (as in, play up the ghost tourism industry) and others seem to want nothing to do with it. Even Cooperstown, where you can’t have a McDonald’s in the city limits, has jumped on the ghost tour bandwagon. That being said, if I’m writing about it here-I’m not the original source of the legend. I want to stress that.

The Collinwood Inn in Oneida was originally built as the Farnam Mansion for Stephen Farnam in 1862. Since the Mansion was built, there has been at least six deaths on properties which have given rise to rumors of ghosts on the site. The ghosts are said to include multiple past owners of the property. The sightings range from the figures of people to a ghost cat. There have been reports of multiple types of physical phenomena including footsteps and issues with the electrical equipment. The current owners (as of October) seem more than willing to embrace their ghosts, and have worked them into the inn’s theme.

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