Shane and Villamin Roads, San Antonio

ghost month 2014

This is one of those stories that will never die.

[I WILL NEVER DIE! Sorry…I had a Delta Rae moment right there].

This is honestly one of the first ‘big’ American ghost stories that I heard back when I was a small creepy. The story is pretty straight forward-a school bus full of children got stuck on the train tracks near Shane and Villamin Roads in San Antonio, Texas. The bus was struck, killing all the children on board.

Since then, if you park your car on the tracks ‘something’ will push your car off of the tracks to safety. If you put something like flour on your bumper you’ll supposedly find the marks of very small hands on your car. Some versions of the story will have the children whispering outside of the car-but the flour and the pushing are the versions that seem to show up most commonly.

And it is a fairly common story-common enough that I actually have to wonder if I need to cite this one. This one shows up in movies, television, and fiction all. the. time. There’s something about the way that it invokes the spirits of children that will just not let this one go. Unfortunately…I’ve never seen an actually good film about the story.

That may be because there’s probably a logical explanation for the effect-the spot is a gravity hill. It’s an optical illusion where you think you’re going uphill when you’re actually going down, so the car is moving under the force of gravity-not ghost children.

As I said before, I have seen this legend show up on multiple ‘true hauntings’ shows so it’s not an obscure legend. However if you want to read first person accounts with the location- Ghost Tracks of San Antonio.


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