Deep Midnight

deep midnightI don’t have a lot of money to throw around, but assuming I have some overtime pay on my check I like to try out some of the other perfumeries that I come across.

One of the easiest ways to get me to try a product is to offer a decent sample program. If your samples are well priced and come in a wide enough range (with a decent note listing somewhere easily accessible) I’m more likely to bump you to the top of the list.

I’m a complete sucker for seasonal blends that come as samples. It’s almost a no thought situation-just click ‘log into Paypal’. It’s actually uncommon to find a perfumery that offers their seasonal oils in sample sizes-unless you want to sample the entire line or find someone running a decant circle.

Deep Midnight on Etsy hit all of my sales points. The majority of the notes for the blends are listed on the sample listing itself (though not all, but the ones I ordered that weren’t were easy enough to find) and the listings for samples go as low as 3 decants an order. And, you can get any oil listed on the site as a sample, not just the general catalog.

This will be a repeat company.

Shop link: Deep Midnight


Dark Winter’s Tale [This is fresh from mailbox]

Gingerbread, Vanilla, Molasses, Cardamom, Aniseed, Black pepper

This one is a rabbit hole. I love it, but it’s a rabbit hole. And unfortunately it’s still not what I want out of a gingerbread blend. I was hoping for a straighter gingerbread than this.

This starts out as a hybrid of BPAL’s Lick It and Lump of Coal, so something is reading as peppermint mocha. Then, no joke, it morphs into flat out gum drops. It’s finally settled into ginger and black licorice-the gingerbread and aniseed. I must amp her aniseed. If I smell deep enough I’m getting a vague sweetness like the molasses and a bite from the pepper. I get no vanilla from this at all.

I love it, it’s totally not what I was expecting. In fact it almost reads like pipe tobacco.


Pumpkin bread, incense and resins, acorns, dried apple and orange peels, and faint notes of a fading bonfire

I fear that I’m never going to find a really solid pumpkin blend now that Good Judy is no more. I do like this oil, it’s a lighter Samhain [my go-to oil from BPAL]. It’s a very light, clean apple and citrus backed by something resiny, grounded by…something. I’m not nearly familiar enough with this company to tell you what it is. The incense? The bonfire? I don’t know, but it keeps it from screaming into the masculine or body wash category that some of the resin blends will on my skin. I will say that there is something in the silage that smells like the ghost of pumpkin bread-sort of like how a kitchen smells a couple of hours after baking a pumpkin pie.

 Haunted Hayride

sweet pumpkins, roasted marshmallows, candycorn, soft notes of hay and leaves, sprinkled with warm spices, and tossed amongst base notes of rich vanilla and buttery Tunisian Frankincense

This starts out a blast of generic sweetness. Not really a bad thing, just sort of body spray like girly sweet things. Eventually it starts to warm up and those warm spices start pulling forward and the sweetness is grounded out by the vanilla. This is very foodie, and very sort of traditional main stream ‘fall’ body product. I do like it. It’s just one that if you like your oils closer to mainstream products, go for this over some of the BPAL Weenies. *This was the one I was worried about with the frankincense and the hay.


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