Layered Black Bean Dip

black bean layered bean dip

We’ve hit the point of the year where even if the weather not got around to summer, we’re slipping into autumn.

I was standing at the stove cooking and the breeze coming through the window was cold. Not warm, not even cool, cold.

The lake is trying to sleep again.

Colder weather makes me want to cook more. I love going out in the summer, but fall and winter ground me and I long for my stove. That being said…I cheated with these beans.


I’m not recommending any given product but these beans made pulling this together so much easier. By all means, cook your own-I normally do. But for $1 a can, I’m not going to be able to get the ingredients for this dish around here any more frugally (even at $2 I wouldn’t be able to).  However there are certainly a LOT of advantages to making your own beans.

What I’m saying, I won’t be crying if you skip the canned beans.

*A note about skyr: skyr is Icelandic yogurt. It’s about twice as thick as Greek yogurt and I thin makes a better sour cream substitute. It’s also probably twice as hard to find. Use Greek yogurt or sour cream if you can’t find it.

Layered Black Bean Dip

1 can seasoned refried or smashed black beans






hot peppers, if desired

Heat beans to almost boiling, stirring often or they’ll scorch.

In the bottom of a large dish (or smaller bowls) add beans.

Layer everything else on beans, starting on the cheese so the cheese melts.

End with lettuce and skyr.

Serve with tortillas.

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