The Mackenzie Poltergeist

ghost month 2014

The story is said to go something like this:

A homeless man needed a place to sleep, so he climbed into an open mausoleum. However, once he was inside, all hells broke loose when he accidentally disturbed the remains of Sir George Mackenzie. The homeless man, understandably terrified, ran out of the masoleum whilst dragging one very dry corpse with him and thereby terrifying the people outside of the crypt. Mackenzie was not an entirely nice person while he was alive 400 years earlier (he was responsible for the deaths of mutiple people during a period of political unrest in Scotland) and when he was disturbed in 1999, he still wasn’t particularly polite.

It is believed that the accidental grave desecration set off of a chain of events that would eventually be called the Mackenzie Poltergeist. This is not the first time that the poltergeist has made itself felt. There are local legends that a highway man was driven insane while hiding in the tomb, claiming that the coffins and those within would move under their own power at night. Further, it sounded as those homed in the coffins scratched at the wood like they were attempting to escape.

One of the major ways that Mackenzie has decided to express his displeasure is through physical contact. And by physical contact, I mean attacks on random individuals. And by attacks I mean at least 350 attacks ranging from shovings to broken bones. The area around the crypt is also prone to energy drains, blackouts, random dead animals, and fires.

Individuals who once conducted research on the haunting as well as people who once took ghost tours to the site have reported property being destroyed, including their apartments burning along with all research. You can tour the Black Masoleum, as it is now called, if you find yourself in Edinburgh-though the city council doesn’t advocate it except through one specific tour company and it doesn’t seem to be one of the happier ghosts you could visit.


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