Whiskey Sauce

whiskey sauce

It’s the end of an era.

I have a denim skirt, a well loved to literal tatters denim skirt. It has seen me through two degrees, a move across state, much pain, and a lot of happiness.

This skirt is well over a decade old and frankly the fabric just isn’t up to it anymore. It has given out in a place where frankly I’m just not sure it’s worth attempting to try to fix anymore.

Goodbye, old friend.

The upshot is that the new one is already ordered-and with reward gift cards, was completely free.

This sauce is based on a recipe I found on Stumbleupon (this one). However, I didn’t actually follow it. I made this like it was one of my jam recipes.

My tips: I didn’t can it, though I’m not sure there’s any reason you couldn’t. Use fairly soft fruit. I didn’t and ended up using about half of the fruit I bought because I was just that annoyed. With a project like this, use a whiskey you like but isn’t necessarily all that high quality. It’s going to be starring with fruit flavors, so don’t waste money on something with complexity that will be lost in the mix.

Whiskey Sauce

3 pieces stone fruit [roughly three cups, chopped]

1/3 cup whiskey

scant 1 1/3 cup raw sugar

1 tea vanilla

Add chopped fruit, sugar, and whiskey to bowl or pot and allow to macerate for at least half an hour.

Add vanilla.

Over medium heat, bring to a simmer and let cook down 20 minutes.

All to cool, then freeze or leave in the fridge.

Serve over desserts or mix into seltzer.

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