Horror Confessions: I Can’t Read Lovecraft

There are a list of authors that I just cannot read.

I might even like the media that they produce-assuming that I can see the movie version of their work. Yes, I said it. I feel like if more people were honest with themselves, they would say it too.

I can’t get into Lovecraft’s written work. I have enjoyed some of the film adaptations. I can get into the mythos-when worked by other people. It’s not that I dislike the essential horror aspect of his catalog. I just can’t actually get through his work.

There are a lot of reasons to hate on Lovecraft’s writing-the screaming racism of his work, and some of the writers of his generation make a lot of people not even attempt his writings. There’s a lot of really nasty stuff in there-plus that whole mangled, made up language aspect.

That’s not what does it for me, though, but it certainly doesn’t help (and conveniently doesn’t make its way onto screen).  I’m not even sure that I can tell you what it is that turns me off of Lovecraft-but my eyes just glaze over and I go watch Dagon again.


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