Apple Cinnamon Whiskey

apple cinnamon whiskey


Fall in a bottle.

I opened the jar to decant this and my entire kitchen smelled like apples. Sweet, juicy, fresh apples.  Somehow this whiskey smelled more like apples than apples smell like apples.

*That’s one of the tricks to this though, don’t eat the apples after. All the apply goodness is in the whiskey, not the apples. I know you’re thinking fun times with the drunken fruit…just no. This would be a good project for unbruised seconds for that reason.

I read multiple blogs regarding this project and they were all pretty much the same: apples, cinnamon sticks, cheap whiskey. Cheap alcohol for infusions is actually important. Cheap actually does work better, it’s a simpler base for the flavors to work with. The flavors aren’t fighting the complexity of the alcohol, and the fruit or herbs mellow out the rough edges.

I put mine back into the original bottle and it’ll eventually work its way into the fridge. It should be shelf stable for up to a year however because of the alcohol content.

Apple Cinnamon Whiskey

1 liter cheap whiskey (the cheapest you can get)

4-6 apples

4-6 cinnamon sticks

1 very large glass jar or several smaller jars like mason jars


Put your cinnamon sticks into the bottom of your jar (or split among the smaller jars).

Wash and core your apples. They don’t have to be peeled. Fit as many apples into your jar as you can get-I managed to fit four apples into a half gallon jar.

Pour whiskey over fruit, and close.

Leave somewhere relatively dark and cool for two weeks, but it doesn’t have to be your fridge

Strain, and place in a clean jar (or the original whiskey jar).

cinnamon jar

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