penguin-429125_1920This photo has nothing to do with anything ever except that I do love fluffy baby penguin chicks so fluffy baby penguin chicks we shall have.

September’s themes will be as follows:

-Myth and Meme Month

September will be looking at the mythology, folklore, and urban legends that run to the obscure and the weird. That means a lot of local legends, world mythology that isn’t the ‘big’ whatever of the pantheon that I’m writing about, and Internet based myths like creepy pasta and fakelore. I can’t guarantee that you’re not going to have heard it before, but I’m looking for the odder stuff I personally haven’t come across.

-Pantry Staples

Remember how I said that Mid was looking for a job? Well, he found one-but it may not be the best paying endeavor, especially at first. I will be looking at recipes, tips, and hacks to help either make your kitchen healthier, cut down on money-or both.


If and when I get sick of making bbq sauce and chip dip, I’ll be looking at recipes to start easing into autumn-think pumpkins and comfort foods. My friends wanted me to make nothing but soup. I can’t live on nothing but 30 days of soup, guys.


Other things of note:

-Fall Into the Holidays

This year’s round of Fall Into the Holidays will be open the first day of fall (depending on which calendar you use). It’s a Tuesday, and will be held on Tuesdays this year going forward.

Each round will be open to ‘seasonal’ entries, however you want to define that. Every entry will be pinned, random entries will be stumbled, and the features will be stumbled as well.



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