Stumbling Into Stumbleupon

stumbling into stumbleupon

Yes. I know.

Yet another social media platform.

I have to admit, I’m really, really late in adopting Stumbleupon. I understand that getting page views and unique visits is dependent on getting your links out to as many places as you can as quickly as you can, but I don’t, frankly, have time to play the social media network game the way that it needs to be played to be effective.

Then someone liked my pickled onion post on Stumbleupon and I suddenly was looking at stats that were up to a 1,000 hits higher a day than before. For a blog this size of mine, that’s huge. Absolutely huge.

This is not a primer on Stumbleupon usage, because I’m still too new at this for it to really function that way. And I will say that I’ve heard that it’s really variable; some people will have a wonderful experience with a flood of hits and other people will just have a trickle. But a hit’s a hit, so if you have time, it might be worthwhile.

1. Set up an account

You do have to have an account-and for more reasons than just uploading your own links (which you have to be careful with doing, anyway-but more on that in a minute). Stumbleupon seems to like feeding your links to more people the more you like other people’s links.

2. The dreaded browser bar

Yes, stumbling is easier if you download their bar. There’s also a free phone app for stumbling other people’s links. And then actually use it.

3. You have to stumble other people’s content

I have to admit, stumbling a few times a day is not a huge deal for me. I use the phone app when I’m on break or lunch, and I actually like looking at random web pages so for killing some time at home, it’s not a huge deal.

This is completely unscientific, but I have noticed that I get a lot more Stumble traffic on the day that I’ve stumbled and liked other site’s materials.

4. Don’t stumble too much of your own material

This is one of the big issues with stumbling over pinning. Stumbleupon doesn’t like too much self-promotion. You really have to make sure that you weight your likes and additions heavily towards other people’s media.

5. It’s really, really, really variable

There are some people who have told me that the majority of their traffic comes from stumbles. There are some people who have told me that Stumbleupon usage did nothing but clog their spam filter and gave them litte to no hits. I think that any hits are good hits, but there are some days where Stumbleupon will give me close to 2000 hits and other days where I don’t get any.

6. Networking

Networking doesn’t seem to matter as much on the site proper (though like point 5, everyone seems to have an opinion on the matter and they’re all different) but it matters a LOT offsite. Because you really have to have a light hand with your own content (think: a link or less a week, not a link or less an hour) you have to have people willing to upload your link onto the site. Depending on how you do your blogging networking, that may or may not be an issue for you.

7. Click throughs

Stumbleupon users do tend to seem to engage more than other platform users. I have noticed that since I started using Stumbleupon, my blog roll gets a lot more activity, I get a lot more entries opened, and there seems to be more shares onto Pinterest.

Bloggers-I have started a new group board on Pinterest. Open to all DIY, craft, food, or other creative blogs, I would love to have you join. Joining instructions are posted on the board-join here.

Please, stop by this week’s Inspired Weekends!

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  1. I too noticed random hits from StumbleUpon and had no idea what they were. I did open an account and I do post my own content there, and I even stumble periodically. But I don’t really add other’s content there, I’ve basically just been using it as another way to promote. So you’re saying in order to make this effective, I need to add other page’s content? (visiting from Homemade Mondays Hop)

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~

    1. Yes, essentially. I’m not sure how they run their algorithm but they seem to not like self promotion. They want you to at least like other people’s content.

  2. I Stumble quite a bit and have found I get big spikes now and again when a certain post gets shared quite a bit, but it has dramatically increased spam comments, but blogger seems pretty good at picking them up
    I’m with you a bit though, SO many different social media’s, and if I’m not doing one I feel I might be missing out! I fear I end up not doing any of them very well.

  3. Stopping by from Tell Tuesday link party. Ughhhh I have be dreading this! I keep telling myself that I don’t need to add another social media. 1000 extra possible pageviews did the trick! I will start today. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am still figuring out StumbleUpon, but I love this because I think I just need to stumble others’ posts a little more.

  5. This is really interesting. I use Stumble upon but have not really figured out how it works. I wonder if I share your content and you share mine if that would work better. I get about 100 hits a week from them, which isn’t bad but not a 1000 his a day. Let me know if you are interested in doing that.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

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