Akima Botanicals

akima botanticals reviews(We’ve talked about the fluffy baby chick thing, right? Right.)

Listen, I have to be honest, sample price point means a lot to me. I will gladly test companies that I’m completely unfamiliar with, but price is going to play a huge factor in how often and when.

I found Akima Botanicals through a random Etsy search and with samples priced at $1.50 a piece, this was pretty much a no thought purchase even with my current freakishly tight budget. Shipping was also freakishly fast. Like, I had a shipping notice half an hour after purchase. Turn around time for oils is normally closer to 5-24 business days. This isn’t a complaint, obviously, just an observation on how fast these oils went out.

I have to make a confession though: I found these oils to be on the simple end of the oil spectrum. That said, sometimes I like simple. Simple can be good. Not every oil needs to have 15 layers to it to be enjoyable, and I like having buildable oils in my collection.

I will also say that the ones that didn’t work on my chemistry were the ones that I figured wouldn’t and for the reasons I assumed they wouldn’t. A negative review listed here is about my skin chemistry, not the oils themselves.

Flavor text is from the scent descriptions.

Shop link: Akima Botanicals

Kitchen Witch

This spicy sweet perfume oil, with a hint of cranberry, truly brings out the spirit of the kitchen witch

There is something in this in the absolute, first blast wet stage that I didn’t like, or didn’t like me. There was a weird musty funk right at application that didn’t sit well with my skin. Once that settled down, I had to google for notes-because I wasn’t certain what I was smelling. I was reading apples and wood and something murky. Perfume can totally come in murky.

But I’ve been wearing oils a long time now and they have a tendency to morph, and once it settled it settled into something like cranberry bread. That’s what I’m getting from this, raw sugar, cranberries, and spices. Cranberry bread. I actually don’t dislike it now, but this is a strong winter type foodie and I think it’s a little cloying with it being this warm out right now.

Baker’s Dozen

I’m going to stress that this is a me thing: none of these types of oils seem to work on me. I’m going to give up here soon. There is something about these ‘baked goods’ scents that turn to raw dough on my skin. I’m not sure what note they’re all using but I’m definitely amping more ‘Kitchenaide post-cake’ than ‘cakey, wonderful, foody goodness’. I layered with the kitchen witch and it helped pull that back some, but yeah. I’m just going to give up on these types of oils. Because like I said, this isn’t a brand thing-because I don’t buy any of BPAL’s Gingerbread Poppets anymore for the same reason.


dark Summer berries, delicate summer blooms, and the aroma of cloves

See, this one I love. I mean, I really love it. It reminds me of something from my childhood-and I mean that in a good way. On my skin, it’s very purple and white. A berry and vanilla, maybe? In the far, far back there’s something spicy that makes this sweet without smelling like candy. It’s young, that’s true, but it’s not infantile. It’s what I think BPAL’s Candle Moon probably smells like on everyone else.


hints of incense, harvest fruits and spices

I amp something vegetative in this to the skies. Something leafy, or hay. I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Rather, it’s not a smell I like on myself and I’ve had similar issues with other oils. There’s something lingering far, far in the back that tells me that maybe with some aging or a longer dry down time the leaves will pull back a little.

*I think with looking at the oil description again I’m actually amping a resin.

Farmer’s Daughter

“My Farmer’s Daughter perfume oil invokes a sense of outdoor adventure through apple orchards on warm nights. The carefree Summer days are dwindling and Fall approaches, given away by hidden base notes of resins & mosses”

Mostly apples and cinnamon. Really long lasting on my skin, I think this may actually have had the longest experience. I liked it, but it’s not terribly complex. I think it’ll be a nice layering component with some of my other oils.

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