September Open Thread

september open thread

I have a parasomnia, as in, I have a disorder that makes me walk in my sleep.

A lot.

Full on, movie style, wandering through my own little imaginary world, walking in my sleep.

I’m not one to encourage self-diagnosis, but I don’t need a sleep study to tell me that there’s something messed up with my sleep patterns.

The short of it is, I’ve been walking every night for the last five nights and I’m exhausted.

So instead of my planned post for the night-here’s an open thread for September.

Tell me anything you want-

-Tell me about your life

-Tell me what you want to see more of on the blog

-Tell me about the last horror movie you saw

-Tell me about your favorite creepy legend

-Tell me a joke

You get the idea, tell me anything.

And sleep well.



  1. I almost never have a hard time sleeping. My fiancé, on the other hand, does. I’ve often wished I could bottle up my “gift” and share it out to people who needed it. I also apparently can snore regardless of the position in which I’m sleeping, so I guess that’s the drawback to the superpower, though it doesn’t cause ME any discomfort ^^. Sharing it out might also inflict that kind of snoring.

  2. My son has parasomnia as well. Our doctor half-jokingly refers to it as paranormal sleep activity. He has been known to unlock doors and walk outside, pull food from the fridge, talk, and do various other things. It does get worse when he is stressed, sick, or over tired. It’s quite fascinating, in a slightly unnerving way.

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