Make Your Own: Rum Cake Coffee Creamer

rum cake coffee creamer

I have to admit that I don’t understand Christmas flavored coffee creamers.

I feel like out of all things in life, coffee creamer is one where ‘seasonal’ doesn’t apply. Either it tastes good or not. I fail to see how an artificial economy on blueberry flavored coffee creamer is going to make blueberry coffee taste bad in December, and make peppermint mocha off limits in July.

That said, I have a friend from grad school who was always obsessed with rum cake and rum balls at Christmas. And they were potent little things. Like, just sniff the perfume coming off of one and you’ll be set for the party potent. I’ve never made one myself so I don’t know if she was particularly fond of feeding her cakes, but they’re one of my lingering memories from grad school.

This same friend tagged me in a photo of coffee creamers at her local grocery store a couple of weeks ago-creamers all dressed up in festive Christmas wrappers.

A. I’m not sure it was even September yet

B. See my argument above about my confusion regarding Christmas coffee creamer.

However, rum cake was front and center-so for her sake, I decided to got all life hacks on the world and make my own.


-Depending on how you like the flavor of rum, add less rum extract or more vanilla extract

-Shake well. I noticed that the rum flavoring seems stronger when it’s not well mixed.

-Rum extract is expensive. I’m not sure that this is a project I would suggest unless you really like the flavor of rum in your coffee. That said, I better fall in love with the flavor of rum in my coffee. Unless you have a source for cheap extracts.

-I have NOT tried this with actual rum. I don’t know where to begin with equivalents, but I think that the McCormack’s box had an exchange chart on the side. *I’m not recommending a brand, that’s just the one that Tops sells.

Rum Cake Coffee Creamer

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 cup whole milk

2 teaspoons each:

rum extract

vanilla extract

cinnamon extract (or approx. 1/2 table ground cinnamon)


Over medium low heat, add all and bring to a light simmer. Allow to simmer until well combined, five minutes or so at least.

Cool slightly, store in fridge.

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