The Glitchy Vending Machine

myths and memes 2014

I have to tell you, I love this story. LOVE.

Most people like paranormal media for stuff like ghosts, demonic possession, maybe the occasional faerie war making it rain blood in Newfoundland…me? I really like the ‘reality just tilted slightly’ stuff. The weird stuff that on one hand sounds like there should be a reasonable explanation-but on the other hand, what is that explanation?

One of my other favorite stories that I found on Reddit awhile back (I lost track of the link) said something to the effect of “I was peeling eggs. There were 12 eggs. I turned to the garbage, holding one of the dozen eggs-leaving 11 in the bowl. Still holding my egg I turned back to a bowl with 12 eggs.”

(There are more than a few possible explanations to the vending machine. Don’t burst my disbelief-suspending bubble.)

What exactly makes one battered vending machine in Seattle so special?

It seems to be effective bottomless.

There is a Coke machine near John Street in Seattle, Washington that sits outside a locksmith shop. The machine itself is odd-a vintage model from the 1970s with buttons that read ‘mystery’ instead of the normal drink names. The price is set at $.75 American.

Here’s where things get really weird, other than the exceptionally low sticker price:

-It’s still functioning perfectly though no one has ever done maintenance on the machine (supposedly)

-No one has ever seen anyone stock the machine.

-It vends completely random products, including very old or very new Coke products-and even non-Coke products.

-According to some sources, the mystery button isn’t even there all the time. The machine just puts it out when it wants to play, apparently.

-The machine is something of a landmark with people seeking it out like a tourist attraction.

This seems to be the some sort of bottomless soda machine, dispensing whatever it wants.

-It never seems to run out, which is pretty impressive for a machine that’s never stocked.

-Even Coke has gotten in on the deal, but won’t say whether or not this is some sort of Coke promotional machine.

The obvious answer here is that someone is stocking it with whatever they can get their hands on and doing so on off hours (like nights or early Sunday mornings). It may even be a test market machine if it’s spitting out new sodas. I have no answer for the sodas that Coke doesn’t seem to make anymore.

Buffalo needs a bottomless Coke machine. I’d even take a bottomless cup of Tim Horton’s dark roast iced coffee.

The Haunted Vending Machine in Seattle

Seattle’s “haunted vending machine” is creeping everyone out



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