The Faceless Woman of Beacontree Station

myths and memes 2014

Long, detailed stories certainly have their appeal. I can see why they’re popular.

But I have a thing for the stories that can be told in a paragraph-like, what’s going on here? Where did this come from? Is this an echo of something long past that made its way until now, like how Utah supposedly has banshees? These throw-away comments sometimes get to me more than the fully developed stories.

The faceless woman of Beacontree Station is one of those short stories that get to me. There is a legend of a blonde woman in a long white dress who walks through the Beacontree Station of the London Underground. If you manage to catch her attention, and she turns around, there’s just a blankness where her face is supposed to be. Legend claims she died in a train accident.

Faceless ghosts are actually pretty common, showing up through several different cultural mythologies. There’s something about a lack of a face that creeps out the human brain-maybe because of the lack of identifying features. This might be something that’s linked to an actual event, or it might be something linked to a deeper subconscious response. Who knows? Anyone have more information about this one?

Maybe I don’t want to know, after all. Maybe it would ruin the appeal.

*The station is sometimes reported as Becontree. Maybe someone can clear that up?

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