Cat Sith

myths and memes 2014

Originally posted in September 2013

I spent a large chunk of Saturday night being haunted by a certain white cat. Who seemed to have a thing for bath tubs.

Not that there’s anything wrong with having a thing for bath tubs, it just somehow seemed appropriate for the type of night I was having (truly, I love how I can be -so- worked up for a holiday and then manage to -forget- that said holiday was Saturday night).

Being that I was haunted by this white cat, how about looking at the cat sith for this round of Myths and Memes?

The British were pretty good for making just about anything into a fairy. I say this without any disrespect, but the Islands were full of just about every spirit imaginable. In a lot of cases I would sort of just roll my eyes…but with cats I can see the appeal of applying the supernatural.

The cat sith was not just any cat-turned-fairy; as with demon dogs the cat has functions and plans. It is said that the cat is either a faery or a witch who’s capable of turning into a cat for a set number of times. The cat is said to steal souls, but a cat sith that’s fed on Samhain blessed the house with good harvests and lots of milk for the rest of the year.

One story involving the cat sith said that a man came back from a trip to tell his wife and cat that he saw a procession of nine black cats with spots on their chests (the most common appearance of the cat sith) carrying a coffin with a crown. The cats told him to tell Tell Tom Tildrum that Tim Toldrum is dead. His cat jumped up immediately, yelled, by the Gods I’m the king of the cats! and disappeared up the chimney.

Cat Sith


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