I haven’t done a confessions post in…long enough that I’m going to subject you to one.

1. This week’s Fall Into the Holidays was borked. And it’s all my fault.

fall into the holidays early autumn

I actually think it’s pretty funny now that I’m a few hours off of it. Mid works retail now, but he gets a lot of hours. He gets a lot of hours because he’s so willing to work and flexible with hours. He was called in to start at 730 yesterday morning. Keep in mind I don’t get home until close to midnight from my own second shift job.

I set up the blog hop, sent out the email…and nothing. Crickets. Me, frantic, trying to figure out what’s going on. Silence. Me, bordering on a temper tantrum on social media. Seriously, it wasn’t attractive.

…I kept thinking back to that email list.

Dear readers, if you’re going to try to set up an email list with less than five hours of sleep and no coffee-double check that you actually put people on the email list.

Yep. I take full responsibility for that one.

2. I’ve become that anti-social person

I’ve become that person who walks around with their earphones plugged into their phone. No one likes that person. I don’t like that person.

But I’d much rather deal with the Christmas Song, Ozzy Osborne, Fergie, and Meatloaf on my way to work than some of what I have to listen to on my bus rides in.

(I feel like I should have some screaming manifesto about not being your thinspiration, or lay off of the head wrap, or something. But, dude, seriously, if that’s what you can find to do with your time…I have enough going on in my life without tracking you down to tell you to get a hobby.)

(Also, yes, my headphones are taped together with penguin duct tape. Because I hadn’t gotten my sheep tape yet.)

(Further, what’s that thing on my head.)

earphones3. I skipped out on socializing to take photos of pretty leaves.

Yeah. That whole anti-social thing again. I prefer to think of it as my Baba Yaga training. We did tear down at the camp this weekend and Mid brought a friend along. Note, I did not socialize. There were trees to photograph.



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