Welcome to October, Where Things Go Bump in the Night

things that go bump in the nightHow is it October already? How did that happen?

September was by far the best month on Horrific Knits, period, full stop. Close to a solid third of my yearly hits to date came in the month of September. Let’s see what sort of momentum October brings.

-October’s blogging theme is ‘Things That Go Bump in the Night’. I’m going to be looking at the urban legends, media, and folklore that like dark places, the scarier stuff that I’ve always wanted to write about but wondered about in scope. Frankenstein, Dracula, the boogeyman, the Midnight Game…I might reintroduce you to One Man Hide and Seek and Robert the Doll. I’m not looking to be terrifying all night, but I’m working with darker legends than what I have been lately.

-I don’t have a food theme set up. I should probably knit something this month, I haven’t touched fiber in a few weeks.

-Remember, Fall Into the Holidays is open for the year. Link up as much of your favorite seasonal material, old  and new. All entries pinned and features stumbled. Open Tuesdays.


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