Operation Autumn Check-In

operation autumn


Welcome to this year’s Operation Autumn, where we attempt to tackle all the things that make autumn awesome. I’m not going to post a link up, but feel free to discuss what you’re doing this autumn in the comments.

In order to participate, write your own autumn bucket list and work on it until the first day of winter. Then feel awesome.

This year’s list: Operation Autumn 2014

I’m lagging way behind on a check-in…so, the list so far:

1. I don’t have a wreath, but I have a scare crow and this:

eyesYeah. So that happened.

5. Cheddar-Apple Pie

cheddar apple pieThis one is surprising everyone. The whole cheese and apple thing is so uncommon now that people can’t decide if they have the nerve to try it.

18. Make pumpkin butter

pumpkin butter 2This one was a fairly easy project to take off of the list.

23. Hold Mabon

Sort of. Kind of. Not really. I took a liberal definition of ‘Mabon’ this year and did a bunch of ‘welcome fall but are not Mabon related’ activities.

26. Have a pumpkin latte

pumpkin latteCheck. Though I actually like Tim Horton’s pumpkin this year better.

31. See what Target has out for Halloween

crowsI need these crows in my life. All I came home with though was a Pyrex bowl with pumpkins on.


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