The Scariest Thing Ever

things that go bump in the nightI’ve been through a -lot- of weirdness.

That sounds like some sort of weird bragging, but it’s actually pretty true. I have friends that swear they thought I was lying until they spent enough time in my presence to realize that I really am some sort of oddity magnet.

Like the guy that asked me at the bus stop last week if I knew that I could die in my sleep each and every night.

Yes, Mr. Random Creepy Bus Guy, I am aware of the eccentricities of the human body in that regard.

I’m actually not sure what the scariest thing that ever happened to me so far is, but the top three probably involve a cigar and a bottle of rum, a mirror, and a cancer scare. Yeah, the mundane is just as terrifying as the paranormal sometimes.

Your open thread question for this Friday is this: What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you? Completely mundane situations are more than fine.


One comment

  1. Since my youngest started school I have a ridiculous amount of inexplicable noises in the house. Granted the house was built in the 60s, but it feels like I have someone always sneaking from room to room just right out of sight. (And the previous owner died, whether or not he died here I have no idea, which just adds to that creepy factor right?)

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