Make Your Own: Creamy Iced Coffee

make your own creamy iced coffee(Yes, even after the tater-tot debacle I’m still playing with the photography. I need to take a photo for this project at a later date anyway, so might as well test out the filters.)

I was standing in Tops feeling sorry for myself.

Pretty much the only thing I wanted in the world was a box of that creamy premade iced coffee that everyone has out right now. The one that comes in the blue box (they all seem to come in blue boxes, I don’t know when blue was made into the iced coffee color, but there you go).

But there were two things standing in my way:

A. We’re broke. We’re both working again, but we’re trying to replenish the savings we ate into when Mid was out of work and I’m trying to work down my debt.

B. Since Mid works weekends now, my grocery runs are done on foot. I don’t drive, I don’t want to drive-to put it mildly I’m a traffic hazard-and unless I can get Mid to drive me to Target, the weight of every item has to be taken into account.

So there I was, feeling sorry for myself that I couldn’t buy a $5 box of iced coffee and milk.

…Then it hit me that it’s literally iced coffee and creamer in a box.

My current batch tastes like rum. I want to make some that tastes like vanilla.


-Make a batch of coffee concentrate (instructions here) or make a pot of very, very strong dark roast coffee and let it cool.

-Use your favorite creamer, but I definitely recommend making your own. You can adjust the flavor to your preferences, and I honestly feel like my creamer made for a ‘creamier’ creamy iced coffee.

2 Step Creamy Iced Coffee

3 cups coffee concentrate or dark roast coffee

approx. 2 cups cream (actual cream or half and half) or coffee creamer, preferably homemade

In a large lidded container with a pour spout, add your creamer and coffee (cooled coffee). Serve over ice. Should hold for about 3 days.


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