Candle Cove

things that go bump in the night

Fair warning: as is the nature of this blog, I’m telling you the actual truth behind Candle Cove.

Since this has proven an issue in the past, consider this your warning-I will link to the text at the end of the entry, but this isn’t just a pure retelling.

Candle Cove is a creepy pasta that originated in 2009 surrounding a children’s show named Candle Cove. Candle Cove was supposedly aired in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky some time in the 1970s. The story starts pretty benignly- a member of the Net Nostalgia forums named Skyshale033 posted a thread requesting more information the show. Most importantly, Skyshale033 wanted to know if anyone remembered the show.

Eventually another poster named mike_painter65 stepped forward and said that he remembered the show, but only vaguely. Other members entered the conversation and things started getting weird. As the posters began to describe the odd, surreal characters of the show, it became obvious that something was off about Candle Cove. The characters were all twisted in some way-things were out of proportion, the puppets moved jerkily and most oddly, the villain of the show was something with the horrifying name of the Skin-Taker.

And then…the big clincher, when we find out what was actually going on the whole time, including what our posters remember as being the last episode of the show.

I’ll save that particular shock for you.

All in all, Candle Cove, while being longer than most of the creepypastas I favor, is actually one of the most effective of the shorts.

Ironically, Staub states that Candle Cove was written without a lot time put to the project. He cites children’s media from the 1970s as his main inspiration for the piece. Whatever the inspiration, this short has made the jump straight into modern ULs and fakelore. I’ve seen Internet forums where people became aggressively insistent that yes, this show aired, and yes, a friend of a friend had a parent who saw it in the 1970s.






Candle Cove-on Creepypasta Wiki

Kris Staub’s site Ichor Falls

Creepy Things that Seem Real but Aren’t: Candle Cove

Interview with Broodhollow/Candle Cove’s Kris Staub


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